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Have you seen the movie, The Last Editor? Well if you have not, then you should watch it, if you have seen it then The Last Editor website is the ultimate non-official resource for information on the movie and other relevant resources. This website is an attempt to provide those interested with the details about the film and the lead character. The Last Editor chronicles the life of one of the most powerful men in the history of newspapers, Jim Bellows who was either at the helm or thereabouts of all the major metropolitan dailies of the time.

On our site readers are provided with a life history of the man himself, Jim Bellows, giving a wonderful insight on all his attempts at taking on the world of news and how he managed to jumpstart so many promising careers in his time. Apart from this, one will also be able to find details and the history of all the major newspapers of the day such as the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Star at which Jim worked. There is also a large resource of links to various other sources of information that may prove useful for the enthusiast who wishes to know more about Jim Bellows or the film made on his life or even the book that contains his memoirs and from which the screenplay for the film was adapted.

Apart from the vast amounts of information that are available on this website, there is also the opportunity for visitors of our website to entertain themselves with a selection of several flash based games. One of the more popular games here is one called The Independent where you are a paperboy out to deliver papers to awaiting citizens.

The website is a great resource for anyone that is interested in the movie or the book or even the man himself, so if you want to know more about any of them, read on!